Here are some of the things I can do for you for free:

1. Make you a simple 5 page website. I use Joomla, which is a content management system, similar to wordpress, but more flexible.  I will also show you how to edit and update your Joomla site.

This is my preferred webhost. The prices are good and the service is excellent:

Web Hosting

2. Research and write a short article on a subject of your choice, and then publish the article on this website. You can print or click to email yourself a copy of the article, or publish it on your own website. If you like, we can show your username as having requested it.

3. Personal responses to your questions about life or your own issues. I may have some ideas, a fresh perspective or information sources that will help. Blog your questions and I will reply. Otherwise, send me a personal email..

4. A remote energy healing, over any distance. This has proven to be very effective in handling physical pains and discomfort. There is no charge for this. Just email me with your username and we can arrange it. 


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