JoyJoy is usually thought of as what we might feel when we accomplish a worthwhile goal, or when something very pleasing comes into our lives.

But what if joy was a feeling you could have whenever you choose?

Of course there are times when you need to focus on something serious, very important or even upsetting. At those times, joy might seem out of place. The man who laughs out loud during a funeral service, or the girl who expresses delight when hearing about a big loss, won't win any popularity contests!

Popping a pill, getting drunk or smoking a joint! Could that be the answer to a lack of joy? Those seem to be popular solutions.

Bungee jumping, skydiving, scuba diving, getting into fights and other dangerous sports; the adrenaline rush can be an INTENSE joyful experience. Musical concerts, exquisite sunsets, enjoying fall colors, art galleries, visits to beautiful places, the loving gaze that melts your heart; these are all wonderful times. The memories of all these things can bring momentary joy.

Do we need a trigger or experience in the outside world to experience joy? What is the REAL source of these feelings? Is it something done TO you by the universe that causes the juices to flow and the electrical impulses that we experience as emotions?

Or can it be something as simple as a DECISION? It all comes back to knowing who YOU are. If you think of yourself as an accidental product of random evolution, that everything is just a chain of cause and effect, then your "will" is just an imaginary concept.

On the other hand, have you ever had an original idea, that you KNOW came from YOU as conciousness, not as a result of past experiences? That would be subjective so that only YOU can know it is real.

While it is ridiculously easy to make an affirmation like "I feel full of joy", it might not immediately result in that feeling. The reason is that the mind contains conscious and unconcious beliefs that block the affirmation and prevent it from becoming a reality.

There are many systems and methods for dealing with unwanted beliefs and other barriers in the mind. My personal preference is the tools found on the Avatar course.

Once you have found and released all the conflicting beliefs, it is easy to create a new belief, which DOES create a new reality for yourself. Taking control of your beliefs opens up a new world of possibility where a state of joy is yours for the taking!