Confidence"I'm not good enough". Who among us has not told ourselves that at some points in our lives. Sometimes it is just a sneaky belief that hangs out in the subconscious, sabotaging our lives without us even realizing it. It is probably in direct contrast to the skills, abilities and talents that we know we have.

This belief, in all its forms, was usually created when the discerning mind was nowhere to be found, perhaps even before we learned to talk. So what is the solution?

You can repeat affirmations and listen to motivational speakers until it drives you crazy. The lack of results might only intensify the belief that you don't have what it takes. You know that those nagging doubts and discouraging thoughts are just LIES! But still they persist!

But don't worry. You can probably name some politicians who would make the worst your subconscious mind can dish out look positively saintly!

You could attend a class on success or confidence, and the teacher might have students list off beliefs that could interfere with success. Things like:

- "Don't be a show off".

- "money doesn't grow on trees".

- My dad  told me I'll never amount to anything.

- "Good things only other people happen to other people".

- "I don't want to make someone else look bad".

These are some obvious ones. They might resonate with some people, and release some barriers. But some of the beliefs that really do the damage are the ones you never questioned because you thought they were self-evident truths.

Other dangerous beliefs are buried so deep, that you never realized that they were there. Some of these sneaky creatures are just feelings that were never before put into words. You may be amazed at what you find at the deepest levels. When you really look at all of them, they just sound silly, and will fade away.

One way to access these hidden beliefs is to write down the question: what beliefs do I have that might cause [the condition you want to change]? Have a pen and lots of paper. Then go into the deepest meditation you can, and allow the words to flow into your mind. Don't censor yourself - some of the thoughts that come may seem ridiculous and even insane. Just write them down - no-one else has to ever see them. Explore whatever you find until you can laugh, let it go or just move on.

There are many other systems and tools you can find to deal with those pesky beliefs. My favorite is the transparent belief exercise in the Avatar course. Some buried thoughts may just pop into your mind when you do affirmations. Deal with them and then your affirmations could really work!

Confidence blossoms with every successful achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back. The trick is to hunt down those persistent thoughts that get in your way, and dig them out by the roots.